Monday, 8 February 2016

What would it look like?

Yesterday, during the sermon, I asked the congregation to think what it would look like if we started again as a church. What if we had no history, no set ways of doing things, or baggage and could start a church together that was effective in the town of Saltash. Would there be differences?
I had responses, more like a family, more concerned with what is 'out there'. These are all good answers and right. But, I believe there is a much deeper response as well.
This may be a strange starting place, but I believe it would mean that rather than Sunday morning being the centre piece of the week, it would be the by-product. That is not to diminish the importance of Sunday worship, but to recognise that out of the ministry we have been doing in the week, in 'being in the community', in serving the needs of others in small groups and in no groups at all, we need a place to join together and celebrate what God has done and it doing.
I think if we would start again, our concern would be less about governance and who was in and out, but more about mission and how we share the love of Christ in the community, not centring ourself in one location (and this is not an argument for not having a building, I still believe one would be needed), but being visible and present throughout the community we are called to.

What would it look like to you?

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